Sheena McNeil Interviews Lynn For “Sequential Tart”

Sequential Tart is a Web Zine about the comics industry, published by an eclectic band of women, dedicated to providing exclusive interviews, in-depth articles and news, while working towards raising the awareness of women’s influence in the comics industry and other realms.

The beloved nationally syndicated newspaper comic strip, For Better or For Worse, chronicles the daily lives of the middle-class suburbanite Patterson family – Elly and John and their children, Michael, Elizabeth, and April — in real time over three decades. It ran every day for almost 30 years, and now reprints of these strips continue to run in newspapers across the country. The current storyline is from 1993, which includes Lawrence’s coming-out story; that storyline created a lot of controversy at the time, but saw Johnston nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1994.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk with her over Zoom.

Thanks to Sheena for this great conversation with Lynn. You can read the entire interview here on the Sequential Tart website!