A Caricature of Lynn and Paul by Sam Viviano

Talented caricaturist, illustrator, and art director (recently retired) for Mad Magazine, Sam Viviano is one of my favourite cartoonists and New York friends. When Paul and I go to the city to enjoy jazz and the shows, we love to include Sam and his wife, Diane Bloomfield.

After knowing each other for over 40 years, Sam and I realized we had never exchanged original art! Exchanging originals is a great thing to do and over the years, I’ve traded with Charles Schulz, Bil Keane, Jim Davis, Will Eisner….but I hadn’t traded with Sam! When he suggested we make the long overdue exchange, I looked through my most recent work—all “spot art” for the website—and chose something I thought he might like. In return, I did not expect Sam to send me a caricature of Paul and myself—playing tunes at the Eagle’s Pub! A caricature, done by a Mad Magazine alum? That is gold, my friends! That is better than wonderful!!!

Watch the video that inspired Sam!

Sam has just sent me the pencil rough, which I love! He said he had planned to ink it in when he got back from holiday…but I like the rough! A pencil rough often has more life and depth than the finished art, which can be too tight and polished. So, here is a gift from a good friend—an image worth sharing. This is something I’ll treasure and frame. It’s us!