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Deep Dive 4: More Buried Treasures

We’re still finding more cool things in our archives, so here’s a new installment of our Deep Dive feature. Hope you like it!

How did you come to do all the North Bay Nugget Christmas cards? 

The North Bay Nugget is North Bay’s community newspaper. After moving to the tiny community of Corbeil (just outside of town), I soon got to know the publisher, graphic artist and editors. One year, I was asked if I would create a unique Christmas card for the Nugget to send out to clients and friends. I didn’t want them to pay me, so I did it as a gift. The next year, they asked me to make this an annual commitment and I agreed—in exchange for them printing my personal Christmas cards on their presses. For many years, I produced an original Christmas greeting card for the Nugget and the newspaper printed mine. It was a great exchange, and resulted in some fun and funny images. The card you see above has a lot of different faces—all of which were made up…just random cartoon faces. Even though this was the case, some folks on the newspaper staff insisted I had drawn a caricature of them.

Do you have any reminiscences about Peru?

I had gone to Peru to work with the Medical Missions. As a volunteer, I said I knew enough Spanish to be helpful. When my identification card arrived, it said “translator” on the top, and so I was tossed into learning the language fast and furious, and on the job. Immersion like this gets you close to fluency mighty fast!

On this trip, we were housed in a Christian compound a few miles out of Cuzco. Our job was to work in outreach clinics, providing medical and dental help to people who would otherwise go without. My time was spent between the doctors and dentists, explaining procedures to patients so that they would be well informed, unafraid and cooperative.

The Peruvians are beautiful, funny, helpful and articulate people who welcomed us all with enthusiasm. The best way to really experience a country is to work there—even for a week or two; nothing puts you into the picture like working alongside the locals. This photo was taken in Arequipa en route to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu. We were given the weekend to sightsee. Not wanting to shop, I was waiting for some of the other volunteers. This woman, her children, and two new baby goats were standing nearby hoping I would pay them to have a photo taken. Since there was little going on, and business was slow, I had my picture taken and this is it. I have been to Peru several times. I have friends there and will go again. It’s a country that beckons my soul.

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