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Our Love Struck Contest is Back!

It’s time for our annual Valentine’s Day contest: help Cupid hit the falling hearts with his bow and arrows. If you can get 15 hearts, you’ll be able to enter a draw for a signed FBorFW print of your choice. Play Now!

Once you’re done with target practise, you may also enjoy our Perfect Match game – clear the board to win!

Remembering Mort Walker: Updated

[Update: here’s an excellent article in celebration of Mort Walker, by Jason Whiton]

I met Mort Walker, and some of his wonderful family, when I went to my first Reuben Awards in New York in 1986. To me, Mort was a bit “larger than life”. He was one of the first professionals to welcome me into the National Cartoonists Society. He was attractive, outgoing, jovial, and busy. Beyond his work as a comic strip artist and author, Mort seemed to be involved in anything that would promote, preserve and legitimize comic art and cartoonists in North America. He believed cartoons should be respected and cared for. How thankful we are for his foresight.

Before I met Mort in person, I had read his book “Backstage at the Strips“. If you are an aspiring cartoonist…or even if you just want to dig into this treasured text, this book is a bible. Mort and his friends got together to talk about writing, drawing, and living in the world of comic art. I don’t think such a how-to book for cartoonists had ever been published before, but “Backstage” was a thorough analysis–seriously written, but in a funny way. This book not only taught cartoonists, it legitimized what we do. Continue reading

The Booklist Reader Interviewed Lynn!

The Booklist Reader logoRead “I Did Some Funny Stuff: An Interview with Lynn Johnston, Creator of FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE” on The Booklist Reader website. Here’s a snippet:

Re-examining my work from the beginning, I see how I progressed as an artist and as a writer. I was doing the best I could do at the time under pressure from deadlines and from parenting two busy kids. I did some funny stuff. I can see that now, and it makes me laugh out loud.