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Coming January 12th: For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Vol. 5

The latest volume in the popular hardcover library of FBorFW books is being released tomorrow! Order from your favourite local bookstore, or find it online!

Collect the beloved newspaper comic strip that chronicles the saga of the Patterson family in real time, over three decades, in these definitive editions.

This volume features one of the most beloved stories in the strip’s history–the saga of Farley, the family dog. When little April gets into big trouble, it is up to Farley to come to her rescue. But that isn’t the only big event in the lives of the Pattersons. Michael heads off to college while Elizabeth navigates her teen years. Back at home, Elly and John deal with adult problems such as house renovations and menopause.

Lynn Johnston keeps the ongoing narrative fresh and interesting. Includes every comic strip from April 25, 1993 to August 31, 1996. Each volume also contains annotations by Lynn Johnston detailing motivations for certain strips, funny anecdotes, reactions from fans, and much more!

For Better or For Worse: The Complete Collection volume 5

“Johnston’s groundbreaking strip remains critical without being caustic and sweet without being sentimental. Here, from a woman’s perspective, was the reality of daily domestic life—beautifully drawn social satire, unafraid to skewer male chauvinism, or explore twin challenges of women’s lib and motherhood.” –The Globe and Mail

“An exquisite tome… Fans of the highest virtuosity in cartooning will relish this deluxe introduction to the Pattersons’ heartfelt and delightful story” –Library Journal

“Anyone who has been a kid or has been a parent ought to find something to connect or re-connect with.” –Cinema Sentries

For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Vol. 3 Available July 16!

For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library Volume 3

The third FBorFW treasury book, The Complete Library, Vol. 3, is out next week! Order it from IDW Publishing, or check your local bookstore. (We won’t be carrying it in our online store – the  weight  and size of this book makes it too expensive to ship from Canada).

No phone, no light, no motor car, not a single luxury–John and Phil’s canoe trip turns them into castaways on an island! Once back in civilization, John solves his mid-life crisis by buying a sportscar, and Elly improbably winds up in front of a judge as a result!

Michael enters junior high school, but not before learning a different sort of life lesson at summer camp with a girl named Martha, while Liz loses her first tooth, gets her ears pierced, and finds herself in a “Mean Girls” situation with her friends at school.

Then it’s wedding bells for Uncle Phil, and Lawrence moves back to town–with a new family of his own! Volume Three, which collects the complete daily and Sunday comics from July 6, 1986 through December 9, 1989, brings to a close the first decade of Lynn Johnston‘s modern masterwork, but of course, the story is just getting started…

For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Vol. 2 is Available!

Our second treasury book, The Complete Library, Vol. 2 is out now! Order it today from IDW Publishing, or check your local bookstore. (We won’t be carrying it in our online store – the sheer weight of this book makes it too expensive to ship from Canada).

Since their debut in 1979, the world has watched the Pattersons grow up in real time—and to many readers, they feel like family. The cast expands, and roles that will play a big part down the road are just starting to bud.

New adventures await Elizabeth as she enters kindergarten and has to spend some time in the hospital. Michael has to deal with a bully at school and takes a flight to Vancouver—all by himself! John has an unfortunate accident and is arrested for breaking and entering! And Elly finds a worthwhile cause in heading up a campaign to save the historic city hall that has been scheduled for demolition.

Volume Two collects the complete daily and Sunday comics from January 1983 through July 5, 1986, with all Sunday comics printed in color.


Do You Collect Comics Clippings? Can You Help Us?

[UDPATE: Thank you to everyone who helped – we’ve located all the strips!]

As IDW Publishing puts together the next of Lynn’s treasury books, we’re looking for some help to re-create the vintage colouring from when the strips were originally published, in 1983 and 1985. We’re missing some parts of specific strips – here is a list of dates, below, followed by images of the strips in question.

Full strip needed:
Dec 4, 1983
Dec 11, 1983
Dec 18, 1983
Top row of panels needed:
Sep 2, 1984
Sep 15, 1985
Sep 22, 1985
Nov 10, 1985
Dec 29, 1985

Full Strip:

Top row of panels needed:

Thanks for looking! We’ll be very grateful if you can help us locate the colour references!

– Lynn and the team.

Vancouver Book Signing: November 9th

For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston and Editor Kurtis Findlay will be on hand to sign copies of the brand new For Better or For Worse, The Complete Library, Vol. 1: 1979-1982, published by IDW/Library of American Comics.

RSVP via the Facebook Event here!

When: 9 November at 19:00–21:00 PST

Pulpfiction Books
2422 Main St,
British Columbia