The Complete Library, Volume 7 – Out October 3rd

The seventh volume of our Complete Library treasury series will be released Tuesday October 3rd. Get your copy from your favourite book seller!

In this treasury:

The Pattersons must weather a host of tumultuous changes as the strip enters the 21st century–Elizabeth moves in with her boyfriend, Michael and Weed move to Toronto, Elizabeth moves in with her boyfriend, and Michael and Deana get married and anticipate the birth of their first child.

Plus, the Pattersons step out of their comfort zones when Elly buys a bookstore, Elizabeth starts a teaching job, and April forms a garage band! More laughs, tears, heartache, and smiles from Lynn Johnston as she takes her strip into the 21st century!

Included are every comic strip from January 2, 2000 to May 27, 2003.