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New: FBorFW Trivia Quiz!

We’ve just added a new feature to our site, to celebrate the strip’s 40th anniversary! Try your hand at our truly difficult FBorFW trivia questions – how well do you know the strip?

Spoiler alert! Since FBorFW has been running for 40 years, the questions cover everything that happened from 1979 to 2008.  If you’re new to the strip, there might be some spoilers lurking!




Enter Our Photo Contest!

The Pattersons live in Milborough, Ontario (based on Burlington, Ontario), but over the 30-year run of For Better or For Worse®, they travelled to places near and far. For the 40th anniversary of the strip, we’re holding a photo contest to celebrate their voyages!

Here’s a list of places the Pattersons have gone; send us your family-friendly photos of yourself in any of these locations; we’ll post your photos and pick a winner on April 29th. The prize is a drawing of you as an FBorFW character.