The Complete Library, Volume 8 Is Now Available!

The eighth volume of our Complete Library treasury series is out now! Get your copy from your favourite book seller.

The Patterson family drama continues in this penultimate volume in the series. Elizabeth begins her teaching career when she graduates from university and moves to the fictional Indigenous town of Mtigwaki in northern Ontario, Michael’s writing career shifts gears when he goes freelance but finds it isn’t easy to manage when their second child is on the way, and April enters her teenage years, starts high school, and forms a garage band called 4Evah.

Meanwhile, Elly and John begin the process of retiring when Elly sells Lilliputs. For Better or For Worse continues to delight readers of every age in this saga spanning four generations of Pattersons! Collecting every strip from May 4, 2003 to July 29, 2006.