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Our Love Struck Contest is Back!

It’s time for our annual Valentine’s Day contest: help Cupid hit the falling hearts with his bow and arrows. If you can get 15 hearts, you’ll be able to enter a draw for a signed FBorFW print of your choice. Play Now!

Once you’re done with target practise, you may also enjoy our Perfect Match game – clear the board to win!

Valentine’s Day Contest, and Some Fun Stuff!

Our Annual Love Struck Contest is Back!

Every year, we invite you to play Cupid – if you can hit 15 falling hearts with Cupid’s bow, you can enter to win a copy of our Love Just Screws Everything Up collection book, and a plush “Lizzie’s Bunny”, pictured below. Both of these would make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

Lizzie's Bunny is a prize in our Love Struck contest this year. Celebrate Valentine's Day with us!

Lizzie’s Bunny!

Some More Fun Stuff:

Play our Perfect Match game for a limited time, or read 30+ years of Valentine’s strips in our strip database!

Valentine’s Day Treats from our Zazzle Shop:

We’ve made some custom items, featuring Lynn’s art, for the occasion – check out our Zazzle shop for fun gifts.