Lynn’s Grizzly Bear Encounter

A couple of weekends ago, my partner, Paul, and I went to see friends who live in in the mountains. It’s a long drive, up switch-back dirt roads with the most beautiful views imaginable. We arrived to great fanfare, and a wild greeting from their dog. After some long-overdue conversation, they told us that the bears were coming out of hibernation and to look carefully, because we might see some black bears near their garden. They live in harmony with the wildlife in the area, and take great care to keep their property a safe place.

Late in the afternoon, Mary called us to come to a picture window overlooking the meadow next to the house. A grizzly was happily eating grass, just a few yards away. Bears eat grass after they come out of hibernation – to clear out their gut. They especially like dandelions! This bear was chowing down on the new, spring grass as if it was a giant salad. Not expecting to see him for long, I began to take a video. He came closer and closer to the window – so close we could hardly believe we were seeing a wild grizzly bear from just a few yards away. I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you!