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It Never Ends: Introducing a New Website Feature

It Never Ends! Banner with messy pile of stuff

A couple of months ago, Lynn received a lovely letter from a young mom, telling her how similar her life was to Elly Patterson’s and how much she related to the strip. Sarah talked about her kids, the mess, her life and her dreams—and how everything was on hold, now that parenting was her overwhelming new reality. Lynn wrote back and suggested Sarah focus on her writing, if she could find the time. In fact, Lynn liked Sarah’s writing so much that Sarah now has her own feature area on our site, called It Never Ends! Check out Sarah’s column about what it’s like to be a stay-at-home mom to two little kids.

Easter Goodies Are Here!

Our Easter games and colouring pages are back! Enjoy:

Easter Colouring Pages – print and colour some Easter FBorFW scenes!
Easter Egg Hunt – brand new for this year! Find the eggs in the Pattersons’ living room.
Easter Eggs – match the eggs and clear the board to win.
Egg-Scape – can you help Butterscotch catch all the chicks?
Scrambled Eggs – can you remember the order of all the eggs in the carton?

Is FBorFW Missing From Your Local Paper?

Sometimes people write to us asking why For Better or For Worse is suddenly gone from their local paper. Every paper’s comics section is managed by that newspaper’s editors, and they make judgement calls about which strips to run, based on comments from readers and different market factors.

We generally aren’t told when a paper drops the strip, but we do know that editors value customer feedback – if you’d like to see FBorFW reinstated, please just write a nice note to your paper’s editors and ask! It often works.

The Pattersons read the paper over John's shoulder