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Fun Facts about 1979

In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of For Better or For Worse, we thought we would take a look at what life was like at the time Lynn produced her original comic strips.

1979 was a year on the cusp of change. Lynn had already completed several collections of her comic panels centered around marriage and parenthood, and Universal Press Syndicate was about to launch For Better or For Worse on Sept. 9.

Here is a quick look at what 1979 looked like!

Marriage & Families:

A typical 70s family.

Average Age: 24 (men) 22 (women)

Divorce Rate: 7.02 divorces for every 1000 marriages

Average Family Size in Canada: 2.78 people

Life Expectancy in Canada: 78.59 years (women) , 71.32 years (men)

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