The Top 10 Painful Puns in FBorFW

You’ve likely noticed over the years that Lynn can’t resist a good groaner. Here’s what she says about her predilection for punning:

Puns were a favourite punch line. They were untranslatable, however, which made it difficult for my syndicate to sell my work to non-English-speaking countries. I knew that word play limited my sales, but if I could come up with a good pun, I figured it was worth the loss.

A few of the best (worst?) puns in FBorFW:

1. The Smiths’ Kid

A strip with really bad pun about a baby belonging to Mel and Colleen: my Mel and Colleen's baby

We fear this one may be lost in the mists of time someday, but for now you can see Ella Fitzgerald performing “Come To Me, My Melancholy Baby”, written in 1912, on YouTube.

2. An Ongoing Struggle

Michael keeps saying "just a sec" to Elly until she gets mad. Battle of the secses

We trust this one needs no explanation.

3. Big City Accessories

Elizabeth asks John what poise is, and he says it's how a New Yorker says purse.

A nod to our New York readers!

4. Cold Comfort (Food)

Elly and Elizabeth order hot dogs at the cold arena, but the buns are frozen.

This one is just funny because it’s relatable.

5. Elly Goes on a Tangent

Elly gets slide-tracked when she's trying to clean the crawlspace but discovers a box of slides.
Sometimes the puns are obvious; the jury is out on whether the easy ones are better or worse than the inspired ones (see below).

6. A Holiday Favourite

The family glories in excesses after Christmas dinner. Lizzie thinks it's "glory in excelsis".

We have to hand it to Lynn; this one’s pretty clever. We still groaned, though.

7. John Can’t Resist

John wooden know what trees think about.
John holds the title for the cleverest puns in the family, we think. And the worst.

8. It Runs In the Family

Deanna tries to fax a complaint letter about their washing machine, but Michael says if the machine ain't broke, don't fax it.

Michael inherited the gene, it seems.

9. It’s Intergenerational
Jim thinks that John, in a ghost costume, really likes his boos

Grandpa Jim just couldn’t help himself.

10. Even Gordon Isn’t Immune

Gordon, at his gas bar, says you can fuel some of the people some of the time, but you can't fuel all of the people all of the time.

We wonder if he was saving that one up, or if he thought of it on the spot.

Bonus: This One Was Too Clever to Leave Out

Connie thinks the lard works in mysterious ways, as the ladies go jogging.
Oh Lynn, you’re so right.