Social Distancing in the Strip?

John Patterson in mask and gloves

We’ve had a few people ask us why the FBorFW characters aren’t wearing masks and social-distancing in the strip.

As you may be aware, the current strips you’re seeing were originally written and published in the early 90s—For Better or For Worse is being re-run, and we have chosen to run the strips as they were. With that being said, we have made some changes, such as making sure everyone in a car has a seat belt on.
The issue of masks and social distancing is a tough one for us. If we were to make the changes you are suggesting, which are good suggestions, we would have to rewrite the
entire strip, which we are not in a position to do at this time.
You are not alone in your thoughts, but we also hear the opposite opinion where people are happy to see normalcy in the strip as we are bombarded with Covid news everywhere we turn these days. We certainly take your comments into consideration, but at this time, I am doubtful that we will ever reference the pandemic, or any other significant current event, in the strip.
Thank you for your understanding.