Watch Reveille – A Family Legacy In Comics (About Beetle Bailey)

Since its launch in 1950, Beetle Bailey has appeared every day in newspapers all over the world. After sixty-five years and 25,089 unique comic strips, new ideas are hard to come by for creator Mort Walker and his three sons, who make up the creative team. Fortunately, like any good military outfit, they have a regimented system and a sense of duty to get the job done. “Reveille – A Family Legacy in Comics” lifts the curtain up on the family business that produces this iconic piece of Americana.

Reveille – A Family Legacy In Comics from Dave Walker on Vimeo.

More “A Boy and His Tiger” Art is Available on eBay

If you enjoyed seeing Lynn’s “Calvin and Hobbes” tribute art up for auction on eBay, check back for more Calvin-themed works by other cartoonists!

The Cartoon Art Museum is closed to the public right now, but they’re running their fundraiser online. Learn more below.

It all started when…

The Cartoon Art Museum launched its second biannual tribute auction at the beginning of this year, A Boy and His Tiger: A Tribute to Bill Watterson. Artwork created by professional artists, graphic novelists, illustrators and animators was created and auctioned off on eBay beginning in January, and the remainder will be sold throughout the spring. Following a public display of the original artwork, these pieces will be shipped worldwide to our generous auction winners.

Comic Art Fans gallery page featuring A Boy and His Tiger artwork.

Cartoon Art Museum eBay page.

A Catalog of …

In addition to the auction and the exhibition, the museum is producing a 48-page full color tribute catalog of the artwork, so that all can enjoy the intersection between this master creator and all of his colleagues whose works emulate and pay tribute to his creation.

You can help the Museum with their fundraiser by pre-ordering the exhibition catalog here.