Lynn Has Landed in British Columbia

As you may have been aware, Lynn (and her daughter Katie & family) recently moved from North Bay, Ontario, to North Vancouver, British Columbia.

While they tame the chaos in their new living quarters, Lynn has been sending updates to friends and family. Here are some highlights (look for more as we receive them!)

Whoa, what a business! You’d think by now we’d have shoveled out, organized, put everything away, and be up and running. Not so.

We had no idea how long it would take to settle in! Even though we have unpacked dozens of large boxes, many more are stacked up in the rec room and in hallways, and the garage is full! Added to this are three large storage units, all full of everything from my household goods, to swag from the studio, to bikes and skis and everything else that requires thought and placement. Surprisingly, we moved some things we really don’t need. Who would have thought we’d be thinking about a yard sale at this stage of the process!

Despite the chaos of living in a new configuration of rooms, we are getting out, meeting new people, and learning about the community. The neighbours are fantastic. I met a number of them as I went door to door with sticky-notes, warning everyone that our moving company was about to overwhelm the street with a strip-mall sized van. Folks were welcoming and accommodating — and the truck came and left sans incident. There were few problems with the transportation.

The tiny grocery store I used to go to after school to buy penny candy is a barefoot walk away, as is the bus stop into town. Laura and I went on an adventure the other day. I took her on the bus to the Quay where we took the Sea Bus into the city. We had lunch in Gastown, then spent some time in the park before getting the bus home. She had never been on a city bus before — and what interested her as much as the drive were the other people on the bus! So many different cultures and languages. So many interesting characters.

Finding daycare is the main focus right now. There are waiting lists everywhere and trying to work around two busy little kids takes time, coordination, and lots of patience. Fortunately, the weather has been warm and sunny and three lovely parks are a short walk away.

Today, I’m off to see an ophthalmologist. My sight is getting increasingly worse. Another reason why I’m not test driving cars.

Slowly, we are finding the support crew we need and will eventually be able to relax and get back to “normal”. Until then, we still feel like Northern Ontarians, away from home and floundering in a sea of displaced objects. Writing to friends will be the best way to keep sane!

Once again, thank you all for being there. Thirty five years of Ontario and North Bay friendships is an investment for which I will be constantly grateful. I’ll keep in touch as often as possible. Enjoy the fall colours.

Love, Lynn