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We Asked Lynn: 3 Interview Questions

As part of our ongoing “We Asked Lynn” series of blog entries, we asked Lynn a few questions — the topics of travel, imagination, and animation are always safe bets, because we know we’ll get interesting responses!

We asked Lynn 3 interview questions 1. What have you learned from all your travels around the world? Is
there anyplace you still really want to go, where you haven’t yet visited?

I’ve learned from my travels that people are all the same, no matter where you go. We all want to be safe and happy; to provide for our families; to have meaningful work; to laugh and play music; to belong and to love. We are all the same.

The barrier for me has always been language. When you talk to someone, a relationship happens.  Learning Spanish has been life-changing for me. I no longer go to Mexico, Cuba and Peru as a tourist — I can get to know people; really connect with them. In my opinion, our inability to understand each other is what separates us, not our clothing or our colour or our beliefs. It’s easier to think the worst of someone if you can’t understand them!

Where do I want to go next? Australia beckons, but first, my partner and I are going to England, to celebrate our 70th birthdays. In October, we’ll be attending a comic art festival in the town of Kendal [the Lakes International Comic Art Festival], before going on to see friends and relatives here and there.

2. Do you still spend a lot of time “living in your imagination”?

Yes, I still spend a lot of time in my imagination. I can go anywhere I want to go and it’s free! Not having to write and draw the strip makes my mental forays less focused and less productive, but I still go drifting off into my own thoughts. Really…isn’t this something we all do?

3. Have you seen any really good animated films lately? What are some of
your favourites?

Yes, I’ve seen some amazing animated films. The new CGI techniques blow me away. The one show that stays in my mind, however is Pixar’s “Inside Out” — directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen. It has a wonderful premise, great story arc, was ingeniously storyboarded and beautifully animated. It’s both entertaining and ingenious, so in order to appreciate the truly important content you should see it twice!

Making Gift Bows: Lynn’s Video Tutorial

Lynn’s parents, Mervyn and Ursula, owned a jewelry store in Vancouver when Lynn was a kid. Lynn’s mom used to do gift-wrapping in the back of the shop, and she would make her own custom gift bows from scratch, using ribbons.

Lynn’s friends and family appreciate her carrying on the family tradition — you can tell when a present is something Lynn (or her daughter, Katie) have wrapped. Katie’s special talent is gift baskets, but Lynn is the queen of the pom-pom bow. Watch this video tutorial to see how she does it!

We Asked Lynn: Which Cartoon Kid Was Most Like You?

We’ve been asking Lynn a series of questions about the strip, so we could share her answers with you. Recently we wanted to know which one of the Patterson kids was most like her. Here’s what she said:

Which of the cartoon children is most like me? Well, they are ALL me! The characters are all me.

Patterson Family GroupEach kid character had elements of my kids, because I had Aaron and Kate to guide me through their life changes. But, in essence, the characters’ thoughts and words came from somewhere inside my head–or out in the ether, with my head as a conduit–so they are (were) all me.

Sparky [Charles Schulz] said, "If you want to know me, read my work". It sounded flippant, but really, what we wrote was what we thought, how we processed ideas, how we used our language, what made us laugh, and how we dealt with conflict.

Writers often comment on the strange way characters come to life in their novels–and often twist the plot away from the intended path. Like "spirit writing", if such a thing exists. This was true of the comic strip. Sometimes the characters took me into different spaces than I intended, but in the end, their journey was always piloted by myself.

There is no clear, precise answer to this question. A good thing, I think! It makes this creative process mysterious and exciting for all of us.

We Asked Lynn: Your Favourite Authors?

As part of our ongoing Q and A series with Lynn, we asked about her favourite authors. Here’s what she had to say!

Hoooo…favourite authors. I buy books by the BAG from a local thrift shop! So it’s hard to name a single author, Steph!

journeyer_jenningsRight now, I’m reading a book by Gary Jennings, called "The Journeyer". It’s wonderful historical fiction, following the life of Marco Polo. It takes you on a ribald–but believable and thoroughly well-researched–lifetime of travels through China and the Middle East.  I don’t want it to end!

I love his writing. I plan to reread “Aztec”, another of Jennings’ works, next. He is a master of his craft and well worth recommending.



We Asked Lynn: Would You Write a Novel?

As part of our ongoing “We Asked Lynn” series of blog entries, we questioned Lynn about whether she’d ever consider writing a novel. Here’s her answer:
A novel? Sure. I even have an outline. The thing that keeps me from writing a novel is, well, the arduous task of actually writing a novel! Also, after writing the outline, I realized I’d have to do a significant amount of research on the BC railways in the 1970s. I’ve started doing that—sort of.

Another thing keeping me from writing the novel, (which has been hounding me for years) is the ending. I have the story, some intrigue, some comedy, love, tears and so on….ahhh, but without a good ending, there’s no point in putting pen to paper.

Lynn contemplates writing a novel

Now, I know for a fact that a novel often “writes itself”; there is a spontaneity to it, which is almost like spirit writing. Characters often tell you things you didn’t know, and the story will sometimes take on a life of its own. The ending is sometimes changed by the muse, which takes over, and the author simply goes along for the ride! What an incredible experience that would be—something I’d give anything to enjoy. All I have to do is sit down and begin to write…and for that, I haven’t yet found the energy, the time, or the courage.