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End of Summer Sale – 15% off in our store!

Hi everyone; we’re celebrating the rest of the summer by putting all the items in our store on sale – get 15% off until the end of August.

Get great deals on popular FBorFW stuff like:

Free shipping on orders over $100Enjoy!

Watch FBorFW Animated Specials in Dutch!

We’re very excited to announce that has dubbed Lynn’s animated specials into Dutch!


Known as Familie Petterse in the Netherlands, the Pattersons appear in five of our popular animated specials – now, for the first time, in Nederlands!


Watch an Intro to the Dutch specials here:

You can catch the whole collection at

Want them in English?

We offer digital downloads from our shop:
1. The Last Camping Trip
2. A Christmas Angel
3. The Good for Nothing
4. A Valentine From the Heart
5. The Babe Magnet
6. A Storm in April

How About French?

Here you go:
1. L’Ange de Noël
2. Bon À Rien
3. Un Valentin qui Vient du Coeur
4. Le Piège à Filles

Summer Games are Here!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re celebrating the summer solstice and the official arrival of the season!

Uncover Summer Fun!

With the warm weather comes the return of our summer website stuff!

Enjoy our Uncover Summer Fun game, for a limited time. We’ve also added some brand new Summer Colouring Pages for you to print and enjoy.

Also, you can browse 30 years of summer strips here in our comics archive!

Live it up!