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Birth Date: August 26

Likes: Reading, coffee breaks with friends, doing arts and crafts with her kids, gardening, good books, good movies, good live theatre, laughter, cooking, leisurely soaks in the bathtub (not necessarily in that order!)

Dislikes: Bathroom scales, never-ending laundry, unreliable people, litterers, fighting and all that's "unfair"

Hobbies: Sewing, writing, reading, jogging, gardening, and writing letters to friends and family..

Aspirations: Get back into writing as a career and find a balance between life outside the house and inside! To raise her kids as happy, well-balanced and responsible citizens of planet Earth. To keep in touch with old friends. To keep family photos up to date.

About Elly: Elly Patterson juggles the daily duties of being a dedicated mom and wife and a willing ear to friends. While sometimes wishing for nothing more than a few quiet minutes to herself, she thrives on being involved and active. We are endeared to her as she demonstrates, in her humorous way, that it's okay to be human while juggling life's demands - even when your Super Woman t-shirt is in the laundry! Never losing sight of what's important, Elly always makes time to sit and chat over a steaming coffee with a friends, sharing the losses and victories on the battlefield of life. Elly is the cornerstone of the Patterson family and it is her philosophy, her interactions with the other characters and her ability to keep things running (even if not always smoothly) around whom the story revolves.

Elly's Early Life: Elly Richards was born and raised in Vancouver with her younger brother, Phil. After high school, she followed her life-long ambition of becoming a writer and made a giant leap of faith by moving across the country to Toronto to attend university. Not knowing the city, or anyone in it, she accepted the challenge of finding her place and her independence, and succeeded in both. She made a network of friends at the University of Toronto, including her best bud, Connie, and had the Toronto transit system down pat in no time!

Meeting John and Leaving School: It was in a campus library where she met John Patterson, snoozing away in her familiar study nook. He was funny, witty and charming (once awake) and she felt instantly comfortable with him. The fact that he offered her free dental work was a bonus! After a year of serious dating, he proposed. They were married the next February and settled happily into a small basement bachelor apartment. Elly's interest in her degree was fading by this time and she wanted to get out and WRITE! She left university early to work in a bookstore and do some freelance writing while John finished up his dentistry training.

Elly, Expecting: Once academia was behind them, John and Elly moved to a 2-bedroom apartment outside of Toronto and continued developing their careers...and, as it happened, their family! Elly was 24 when she found herself unexpectedly, but joyfully, pregnant!

Michael's Arrival: Michael was born to his excited parents on April 28, 1976, a healthy baby with healthy lungs. They stayed in the "cozy" apartment until Michael was 4 and gaining steam as an energetic kid. Thoughts were also percolating about having another baby. By then, enough money had been saved from John's dental practice for a down-payment on a house and Connie had the perfect one in mind, right across the street from her place in suburban Toronto.

Moving to Milborough, Awaiting Elizabeth: They moved into the house on Sharon Park Drive just a few months before their daughter Elizabeth was born. Elly was thrilled to have the extra space inside and out for her family to grow, and a good friend just a coffee cup's throw away.

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Birth Date: February 17

Likes: Desserts of any kind - especially chocolate, toys that he can play with, and kids young or old to share them with! He enjoys the challenge of his dental work - he's a craftsman. He enjoys "chick flicks", puttering in his workshop, and being with family.

Dislikes: Patients who don't show up or "forget" their appointments. Dumb TV shows, litter, asparagus, "Game Players" (he's a straight shooter, but the ammo isn't 'live')

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading and learning new things. He collects riddles and jokes. John has always enjoyed trains and is interested in exploring model trains more in the future.

Aspirations: To keep the passion alive in his marriage despite diapers, drool and distractions! To, for just one year, keep the family tax papers up to date. To lead a healthy life, travel, and to learn as much as he can for as long as he can. To be remembered as having been a good husband, dad and dentist.

About John: John Patterson is Elly's devoted and steadfast counterpart. He is a dentist, a role he takes seriously. His work comes second only to his family. John's forward thinking makes him an innovator and instigator. "You don't know if you can do it, if you don't try". He may seem to take a back seat sometimes, but it's his strength of character and calm demeanour that keeps the family "on track". He listens closely to and tries to understand women, though it proves harder some times than others! He dotes on his baby girl, Elizabeth, and enjoys watching Michael develop a personality all his own.

From Farm to Dental Clinic: John grew up in Flin Flon, Manitoba with his parents, brother and sister. When John was in his teens, his father left the mine he worked in and the family moved back to the family farm, close to Winnipeg, to take over from John's uncle. John lived at the farm before attending the University of Manitoba for undergraduate studies. He then applied to dental school and was accepted at the University of Toronto.

Meeting Elly: It was at university that he met Elly. Her intelligence and caring nature captivated him instantly. After they married, he enjoyed the cozy, simple and hard-working life they had together in a small basement apartment in Toronto while he finished up his dentistry training. He has always enjoyed having her as his best friend to share the daily challenges and victories with as they graduated from the world of student loans and canned meat to ones with increasing income and even more rapidly increasing responsibilities!

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Birth Date: April 28

Likes: Dirt, superheroes, holidays from school, his Teddy, bubble gum and cartoons.

Dislikes: Relish on hotdogs

Hobbies: Playing with friends, finding new ways to tease his little sister.

Aspirations: To be taken seriously and yet still be a kid!

School, friends, homework, TV, chores, family, toys, pets...there just aren't enough hours in a day! From the moment he could crawl, Michael has been energetic, creative and insatiably curious. He is rarely shy, finds people fascinating, and has a flare for being (sometimes overly!) dramatic. This has more than once landed him in trouble.

Michael is at a skeptical age; he is beginning to question things he previously accepted and test every rule his parents or teachers lay down. He is sure he is old enough to be independent. Like many kids his age, he feels that grown-ups just don't understand kids at all! Even though he often broods that Elizabeth is considered the favourite (because she is little), he is a protective older brother and delights in teaching her about the ways of the world as he knows it. As skeptical as Michael may be getting about "the real world" nothing beats an entire Saturday afternoon with best bud Lawrence in some imaginary galaxy, saving his world from the evil aliens of planet Blorg!

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Birth Date: June 26

Likes: Cookies, grandparents, bedtime stories, her Bunny and lots of hugs

Dislikes: Being alone, turnips (mashed or otherwise), thunderstorms and shouting

Hobbies: Eating things

Aspirations: To be able to run and play as fast as Michael, to be bigger, to go to school like Michael, to get one more cookie

Despite Michael's jealousy, Lizzie's life is not all naps and games. Just getting from point A to point B can be a challenge when you are still learning about your growing little body, especially when there are stairs in the way! Liz is working every minute of the day, soaking up her surroundings and sometimes her bed. New words, new expressions and new actions are all worth testing out, some with more success than others. Practicing and understanding language is an especially challenging daily chore. It puzzles her when people around her burst out laughing at what she says, when she was just trying to get her point across.

Elizabeth likes to be involved. There is always something going on around the house and by following her family around, she is sure to find something she can help with! Whether it is working in the garden and kitchen with her Mom, taking an interest in Michael's games or toys, or finding out what Daddy is looking at in the newspaper, Elizabeth thrives on being with the people and judging by the hugs and giggles they give back, she is sure they love her too!