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In 1979, Lynn began to draw For Better or For Worse. Some of her earliest strips didn't make it to publication for a variety of reasons. We thought you'd like to see some of these rejected drawings, so we've collected them here!

Phil was a jazz musician and spoke in the language of his tribe:

Lynn's Notes: I don't remember why this one was rejected, but if it wasn't good enough, that was it! You hafta respect your editor's judgement...and mine was often right on the mark.

Readers may remember that Connie and Phil dated briefly. When the story originally ran in 1981, Lynn had Connie drive to Montreal to surprise Phil by returning the pipe he'd left at her house in Milborough.

The following two strips were originally meant to be part of the series, but were not published:

Lynn's Notes: I hadn't thought this story through when I started it, and to add to the confusion, an important part was edited out. This series of strips just sort of "died" with no follow up and no, when the strip was rerun, I returned to this story and drew in the missing strips.

In 2010, this storyline was due to run again in the newspapers. Lynn drew the following strip to fill the gap in the narrative that had been caused by the rejection of the two strips above:

Finally, here's one more pair of strips from this sequence, rejected and unpublished in 1981 and later redone by Lynn in 2010 in time for the story's reappearance in the papers: