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Elly sitting at a table with crumpled papers Back to the Drawing Board

In 1979, Lynn began to draw For Better or For Worse. Some of her earliest strips didn't make it to publication for a variety of reasons. We thought you'd like to see some of these rejected drawings, so we've collected them here!

In the early days of For Better or For Worse (in 1979), Elizabeth had already joined the family and we saw her as a young baby. Here are a couple of the first FBorFW strips Lynn drew, which didn't make it into the paper. The first of these shows John and a pregnant Elly explaining to Michael that he was about to have a baby sister!

Lynn's Notes: This was drawn on a piece of a sample to send to Universal Press Syndicate. I had been asked to send a series of "strips" so that the editors could see if I could produce on time, under pressure, and deliver good work. I spent a lot of time on cross-hatching and details...trying to put myself into a fantasy family and doing the best artwork possible. This is one of about 15 samples I drew and sent in 1978 — before I had even come up with a name for the strip.

Lynn's Notes: This was rejected because the topic was "off colour." Later, when FBorFW was in more papers and the audience was used to some of my irreverent style, I was able to cover some of the "realities" of life.

Lynn's Notes: This would have worked as an animated's hard to imagine "stuff and scrape" without actually seeing it in action!

Lynn's Notes: Don't know why this one was cut. I think it's ok. Maybe I should apply to become an editor!

Lynn's Notes: Guess this was too negative for the fledgling strip.