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Elly sitting at a table with crumpled papers Back to the Drawing Board

In 1979, Lynn began to draw For Better or For Worse. Some of her earliest strips didn't make it to publication for a variety of reasons. We thought you'd like to see some of these rejected drawings, so we've collected them here!

Lynn wanted to have Elly take a night-school class to introduce a little drama and temptation into the strip. Sadly she didn't follow through and this storyline was scrapped.

Lynn's Notes: This one was demeaning, so I dumped it. Rereading stuff critically before I sent it gave me a new perspective. Even though it might mean an all-nighter just to catch up, I sometimes decided not to send work in.

Lynn's Notes: I soon realized I wasn't prepared to attempt a touchy subject like this, so I ended it before it was inked.