Autumnn Colouring Pages
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In 1979, Lynn began to draw For Better or For Worse. Some of her earliest strips didn't make it to publication for a variety of reasons. We thought you'd like to see some of these rejected drawings, so we've collected them here!

Dentists particularly enjoyed seeing strips about John's dental practice; there's something about knowing other people share your professional tribulations. Here are a few dental strips which are just now seeing the light of day.

Lynn's Notes: This wasn't good enough to ink in. I kept it anyway in case I thought of a better way to use the art. If I could make a decent gag by erasing one or some of the panels, I was spared the time it took to draw something completely new. The deadlines weighed heavily and every little bit of time saved was appreciated.

Lynn's Notes: My husband nixed this one. It was a bit too negative, and dentists need all the positive press they can get. I think I eventually used the punch line, however.

Lynn's Notes: This was nixed from home because this gave the wrong impression of sedation.

Lynn's Notes: This one was just too sexy to print. It was, of course, based on real life at the clinic!