Near North Student Robotics Initiative News

Lynn is the honorary chairperson of the Near North Student Robotics Initiative. She is enjoying watching the work done by our local team, from North Bay, Ontario, which represents the Near North District School Board in the annual FIRST Robotics Championships (FRC).

If you’re interested in learning a little bit about robotics, you can check out these videos!

Here are a few links to streams for the FIRST events.  The week 2 events will be starting on the 6th of March, and running until the 8th.

Watchfirstnow is a very good place to get all of the streams, and it also has some archives from previous years.

The Red Alliance is a cool website that will let you watch multiple streams at once, if you want to see them at the same time.  It also has a few resources on the bottom.

The Blue Alliance will give you all the information about the teams, regionals, and awards.

Some teams also like putting together reveal videos (to show off their creations). Here are a few top teams:

Team 20:
Team 118:
Team 254:

Lynn created this robot doodle for the local team’s brochure: