Farewell Liuba: we’ll miss you!

After more than 17 years Liuba Liamzina is leaving Lynn Johnston Productions to begin her own freelance book keeping business, to spend more time with her two beautiful grand children, and to enjoy the freedom that comes from partial retirement.

Many of you have known her through work connections, reader mail, and just day-to-day messaging. She has played a long and important role in my business and in my private life as well.

I met Liu in 1997 when I enrolled in her Spanish Language course at Canadore College. She is a wonderful teacher — funny and energetic — she made learning a new language a pleasure. Since she was comfortable with bookkeeping and was looking for something more, I hired her to work at the studio. Nothing like hiring your teacher to make practicing your Spanish easier! Over the years, she has handled several “spin-off” companies for me, while still managing to teach Spanish, work with her husband to grow his import business in Cuba, and raise two daughters, Nathali and Marissa.

She has helped me move houses, plant gardens, shovel snow, house sit, babysit, cook, and troubleshoot while I’m out of town. She has accompanied me to business events, family excursions, holidays, and even to Peru with the Medical Missions. We have been more than colleagues. We have been, and are, good friends.

With For Better or For Worse no longer in daily production and the future of our books uncertain, we are having to downsize once more. A few years ago, there were seven people employed by my studio. Now, there is just enough work to keep a couple of “creative types” going. There is little left of the challenging business it used to be. Times change and we are having to change with it.

Liuba has been coming in every week to help wrap things up, to make sure we are organized, and know where to find everything. She will always be as close as a phone call, and when we need a visit or some immersion Spanish, Liuba’s house is a 20 minute drive into town.

I have so much to thank her for, and I look forward to some new adventures. We are two ladies who have helped each other through some crazy times… and have emerged stronger and wiser for having had the privilege of working together.

All the best, with your business and your family, Liu… it has been SO MUCH FUN!