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Archiving Project #4: Managing Large Art

Lynn generally worked at comic-strip size, which varies by artist  — Lynn’s Sundays are approximately 9″ x 13″, and her dailies are approximately 3.5″ x 11″. The majority of her non-strip art was done on letter-sized paper (see previous blog entries in this series), but on certain occasions, we’ve had to handle art Lynn made on a much bigger scale. Here are a couple methods we’ve used to store bigger pieces.

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Archiving Project #3: Preserving Small Works on Paper

In this third entry of our blog series (about archiving and preserving Lynn’s work – see earlier entries here), we’re covering ways of keeping and storing small works on paper.

Miscellaneous collections of paper (stacks & shoeboxes):

Lynn’s father-in-law, Tom, made scrapbooks of every piece of Lynn-related ephemera he could find.

Thanks to him, we have a rich collection of photos, newspaper clippings, and other tidbits from the first decade or so of her cartooning career. Without Tom’s efforts, we would have a lot more gaps in our strip collection, and far fewer pieces of fascinating correspondence between Lynn and her peers in the 80s.

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Archiving Project #2: Five Ways to Protect Your Work

Hi; Steph here (Lynn’s website developer and enthusiastic organizer-of-stuff). In our last blog entry, Lynn mentioned that we’ve been cataloguing and archiving artwork that dates back to her student days.

Here are a couple photos of our workspace, complete with Lynn’s acrylic canvases on the walls and Katie’s pottery lining the shelves by the ceiling.

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Archiving Project #1: Uncovering 30+ Years of Art

A note from Lynn:

As you may know, many of the original FBorFW strip illustrations have been donated to Archives Canada and we’re preparing to send a second shipment to them, for storage and preservation. In total, I’ve drawn more than 11,500 strips since 1979!

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