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Lynn's Latest Art Lynn smiling and waving

Many people ask us what Lynn's been doing since she retired from creating FBorFW.

She's been enjoying time with her granddaughter and grandson, travelling, and doing many other things, including painting with acrylics (and 3D fabric paint)!

Lynn's first post-retirement paintings, which you can see below, are quite cartoonish - Lynn says that she can't seem to paint "seriously", if she wants something to hold her interest.

a painting of a dog, a bird and a cat

painting of a cat holding a fish

A series of funky chickens.

Since Lynn was enjoying these paintings so much, we wanted to develop some new products for our shop, based on the animal designs above. But we discovered that the texture of the canvases was hard to remove from our scans, so Lynn decided to try making the same kinds of design with pen and ink instead.

We were able to use Photoshop to turn the drawings into seamless patterns, which opened up a new world of possibilities for Lynn. We've been printing these designs on fabric, and have made some limited-edition pieces with the help of Kathryn Brenne, a local fashion designer who works with Vogue Pattern Magazine, and her assistant, Malia Janveaux.

Cartoon Words
Just Cats
Fish Pattern

Lynn (pictured below with Kathryn and Malia) wore a dress made from her fabric patterns when her retrospective show opened at the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

The dress was such a big hit that we wanted to try making more items. These neckties (now available in our online shop) are the first pieces.

While we were working on those, Lynn and Katie took on another project they'd been wanting to try for years: creating Lizzie's Bunny, the plush toy that Elizabeth is often seen with in the strip (and in The Bestest Present animated special). The bunny has a real-life counterpart...Lynn's mother, Ursula, had made Katie a variety of bunny toys when she was young, and we used them as the model for Lizzie's Bunny:

Katie and Lynn worked on the prototype together, making use of Katie's sewing and sculpting skills to get it just right: cuddly and floppy. We're pleased with the way it turned out.

Stay tuned to see what we're up to next!