Autumnn Colouring Pages
Colouring pages

Print and colour these pieces of FBorFW art! Just click on the drawing of your choice and a bigger copy will appear. Choose your "File" menu and select "Print" to print out your own colouring sheets! Here's how to avoid printing the web address.

Painting the house  Walking across a log  Elizabeth Raking  Liz dancing in leaves  Elly buys vegetables at the market  Farley flops in leaves  Elly and John go hiking  April dances in falling leaves 
Farley pops up in the leaf pile  Some fall leaves  April drools over pumpkin pie  Elly waits for the last leaf to fall so she can rake it 
The family sheds extra clothes in the fall  The kids dress Farley in Elly's underwear  Michael hides in the leaf pile  Mike doesn't want to rake