A Return to Normal

With summer fading fast, the Hunter family is settling into our ‘regular’ routine. Gone are the barefoot days of summer; here come the days of industrial strength woolen socks. That glass of lemonade I used to drink is now a steaming mug of ginger tea, and, instead of the sun greeting me in the morning, I wake up to angry grey clouds and sullen children. It’s not my fault they have to wake up – I want to stay in bed, too!

Seven-year-old Molly is now in the second grade and seems to be enjoying herself. Like her mother, in the morning, she’s as grumpy as a hungover Grizzly. Most days I can shuffle her out the door on time. Four-year-old Andy has one more year of preschool, and I’ve gotta admit – I’m jealous of his schedule. I’d love to spend my days coloring, snacking, and playing, instead of scraping peanut butter off my floor like I did today. You know your life is exciting when you’re jealous of your toddler.

This month is such a downer. September is the equivalent of mucous-blocked nostrils. Where is the caress of a warm breeze? Where is the fragrant smell of freshly cut grass? And, most importantly, where is the sun? That thing ran away faster than a greased pig (which, I’m assuming, is fairly quick). As much as I love this season, it’s not without its drawbacks. The unseasonal heat created such dry conditions that wildfires raged out of control in parts of the province. People watched their homes and businesses go up in flames, and in some cases were lucky to escape with their lives. Noxious smoke drifted around our cities and even blackened the skies of our southern neighbors. On those smoky days, I held my kids extra tight, grateful that the blazes didn’t reach us. Tragedies like this are sadly becoming more common, so I’m extra thankful my family and my little town were safe.

“Focus on the good things!” my mother always told me, and she’s right. There’s no point moping and ‘whinging’ as my British friends say. There’s Halloween (one of my favorite candy-focused holidays), then there’s the magic of Christmas and its gluttony of gifts (when my kids think they’ve won the lottery). There’s New Year’s, Valentines Day, and my birthday’s in there too somewhere (I turn 29 for the eleventh time). There’s lots of joyful events to look forward to, and the only downside is eight continuous months of rain. If I get to eat some Halloween candy, I just might make it!

So goodbye, Summer, I loved you so. I loved watching my kids splash in their favorite lake, I loved the feel of warm grass under my feet. I didn’t like your buzzing flies or mosquitoes, though, and I really didn’t like the intimate part the latter bit me on! All will be forgiven if you hold off on the rain for a few more weeks. That might tide me over; it’s only eleven more months till next summer!