Tis the Season, And I Love It!

Summer’s here! After seven months of rain, two months of grey skies, and one month of fart jokes (courtesy of my offspring), my favorite season has arrived. The air is a warm embrace, the days are long and bright, and lemonade stands are raking in the cash. Backyards are full of plastic swimming pools, barbecues, and the ever-present screams of playing children. Just picture me relaxing on a lawn chair, sun-warmed skin glistening, almost ready to unwind until I bolt up and scream: “DON’T RUB ICE-CREAM ON YOUR HEAD!” Yes, summer would be relaxing if it weren’t for the kids!

Michael says to Elly that it would be neat if he never had to go back to school. All the neighborhood kids are on Elly's lawn and she's helping to run a lemonade stand.

As a child, two months of freedom and sunshine are amazing. As a parent, it’s a little more daunting: two kids. No school. No relief. And no air-conditioning. What have I done to deserve this? How am I going to keep a two-year-old and a five-year-old entertained for 90 days? It’s hard controlling them long enough to brush their teeth!

I’m determined not to let this summer pass me by. This year, I’ll be prepared: sunscreen, diapers, and swimsuits will always be on hand. The van will be full of beach toys, towels, and dry clothes. I will NOT lose my son’s shoes in the ocean. I will NOT leave the fridge door open to “make the house cooler”. I WILL include popsicles as a food group! This season is meant for sandcastles on the beach, stargazing in the backyard, and chasing the ice-cream truck down the street. Shoes are a distant memory; bare and dirty feet are here to stay, but they must be washed before bed!

This year, we’ll take more trips and see more sights. We’ll explore nature trails, climb trees, have friends over and play in the sprinkler. Maybe I’ll even have time to lie in the sun and read a book! (Yeah, right – my kids instinctively start scream-fighting when I try to relax).

So, bring it on! Bring on the hot sidewalks and furnace-like temperatures. Bring on bike rides and suntanned shoulders, ice-cold drinks, and freckled faces. I’ll keep the kids entertained somehow – it can’t be that hard, right? I’ll let you know if I survive!