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The Patterson’s next-door neighbour, Thelma Baird, bred and raised sheepdogs for show. When her beautiful dog, Lily, gave birth one spring, she hoped the Pattersons would adopt one of them. Then, she’d be able to watch one of the puppies grow up!

Unable to resist the pull of a puppy’s charm, Elly reluctantly agreed to accept the “runt”, as Mrs. Baird called him, and Farley became part of the Pattersons’ lives.

As a cartoonist, Farley was an absolute joy for me to draw. As a writer, he was an easy addition to the strip because he never spoke a word. His emotions were readily displayed in his movements and expressions. Farley the cartoon dog was also, in my heart, a re-creation of my own dog, Farley, who was named for the outspoken and sometimes outrageous Canadian author, Farley Mowat.

Bringing Farley into the strip allowed me to relive his puppy days and his growing up, and I discovered that cartoon dogs don’t smell as bad, you don’t have to clean up after them, and they are – if you work at it – fairly easy to train.

Puppies climbing all over mama dog
Mama dog and puppies howling at the moon