2014 Podcast Series:
4. Farley and Sera
3. The Great Punchlines
2. Why Did You Create April?
1. Is Cartooning Art?

2010-2012 Podcast Series:
66. About the Walk of Fame
65. From Line Drawing to Colour.
64. Web, Reference and Audience.
63. Drawing Animals.
62. Drawing Objects Part 2.
61. Drawing From Photo Reference.
60. Drawing Objects.
59. Drawing Vehicles.
58. Starting from the end vs. the beginning.
57. From Script to Storyboard.
56. The Farley Foundation.
55. Lynn's process (part 2).
54. Tell us about the process.
53. Liz and Anthony
52. Creating Art in Your Retirement
51. What are the treasuries?
50. Donating Your Art to the National Archives
49. What is the Radish Festival?
48. What is the Humour Project?
47. Why do you put so much effort into your website?
46. Are there any artists who inspire you?
45. Has it been fun revisiting and writing blurbs for the strips?
44. Tell Us About The Reuben Awards
43. Tell Us About Charles Schulz
42. Have You Considered Starting the Strip Again?
41. Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
40. The Strip As It Is Now
39. Ned!
38. Dee's Car Accident (Part Two)
37. Dee's Car Accident
36. Running a Bookstore (Part Two)
35. Running a Bookstore
34. The Trouble With Real-World Locations
33. Welcome to Nipissing University
32. Conceiving April (Part Two)
31. Conceiving April
30. Who is Shannon? (Part Two)
29. Who is Shannon?
28. Storytelling
27. After the Strip Runs
26. Liz's assault.
25. John's canoe trip (part four).
24. John's canoe trip (part three).
23. John's canoe trip (part two).
22. John's canoe trip (part one).
21. What inspired you to create Mtigwaki?
20. What is Mtigwaki?
19. Naming an icon after an icon.
18. Dealing with heavy topics.
17. The death of Farley.
16. How do you deal with uncomfortable topics?
15. Developing the FBorFW world.
14. The story of Lawrence.
13. Tell us about Weed.
12. How do you deal with so many characters?
11. Tell us about The Bestest Present.
10. What are we seeing in papers today?
9. Let's talk about Christmas!
8. What's it like being a cartoonist?
7. What makes something funny to you?
6. How do you keep developing new ideas?
5. Are there any inside jokes in FBorFW?
4. Did you always know how it would end?
3. The format of FBorFW
2. What was your father like?
1. Tell us about your hobbies.
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