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Lynn wins Debwewin award!
Mtigwaki: Land Of Trees

In 2004, Elizabeth Patterson moved to a First Nations community called Mtigwaki in Northern Ontario to teach at a small school. You can read about her adventure in our archives, or in our collection books "She's Turning Into One of Them and a Learning Experience.

Lynn's introduction to Mtigwaki:
I wanted to create an imaginary Ojibway community in Northern Ontario that would be true to life, giving readers a realistic view of what living in a First Nation community is like. In so doing, I wanted to show Elizabeth's world change for the better, with the challenge of teaching multiple grades in an unfamiliar environment, rich with Canadian history.

In order to do this, I needed help!

PerryI met Perry McLeod-Shabogesic several years ago on a committee arranged by Canadore College to set the curriculum for their summer arts program.

Perry told me he was a cartoonist, and after seeing his work and meeting his family, I knew we were heading for a long term friendship.

Not quite sure what I had in mind, Perry and his eldest son Skye accepted an invitation to come to my house and help me design an aerial view of the imaginary village.

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