images of Lynn
Lynn's early books

Lynn's first book:
In 1972 I discovered that I was expecting Aaron, and left McMaster to work at home. My obstetrician challenged me to do some drawings for the ceilings above his examining tables, and during my eight months of regular visits, I did over eighty comic drawings for view of pregnancy. These were published in a book called "David, We're Pregnant" which sold over 300,000 copies. It's now out of print and a rare "find" in second hand book shops!

Lynn becomes a commerical artist:
Shortly after the publication of my first book, I was divorced and as a single parent, I worked as a commercial artist, free-lancing from a greenhouse I turned into a studio. These were "hard times" as they say - but a real education, as I did everything from pasting type to designing cereal boxes, billboards, leaflets, posters, flyers and book illustrations. I learned a great deal more about commercial art than I ever learned at art school.

Lynn meets Rod and publishes her second and third books:
In 1975, "Hi Mom, Hi Dad" was published, a sequel to "David", and at this time I met and married Rod Johnston, then a dental student in his second year at the University of Toronto. I continued to freelance doing serious, comic and medical art from my studio until Kate was born and Rod had graduated from dental school. "Do They Ever Grow Up?" was the third publication in a sequence of books I began as a humorous but down to earth look at parenting. All three are out of print. I think "Hi Mom, Hi Dad" is the hardest to find.